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Ecofinite Hypochlorous Disinfectant Spray (250ml X 5 bottles)

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A non-irritating, non toxic disinfectant. It has strong sterilization & disinfection properties against virus, bacteria, fungus, mould, spores. Colourless & odorless. No rinse & no dilution needed.

- Anti Microbial up to 99.99%
- Fast & Effective 99.99% Sterilization in 30 seconds
- Baby Safe
- Natural, Non toxic & Fragrance Free
- Eco-Friendly
- FDA Approved in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, USA

What is Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl)
It is made of electrolyzed salt water. It is a non-toxic and has 80times stronger sterilizing effect than general chlorine-type unlike other conventional disinfectants. Also, an eco-friendly product in which no residues are left.

MFG Date: 2020/03/09
Expiry Date: 2021/09/09
Volume: 250ML x 5 bottles
Packaging: W7.5 x L7.5 x H14cm per bottle

Made in Taiwan
Wholly owned by Little Nature Explorer