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Our Newly Launched Gift Sets!

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First Time Customer? No problem! Get this set to feel the gentle, natural, organic touch for your little one. Have a bubble bath for a clean, bacteria-free experience for your little one, followed by our Organic Bamboo Wipes & Ultra Soothing Cream for a smooth finish after potty time, or signs of dry & sensitive skin. Gentle, Organic, Safe.  

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Just had a new born little one? Congrats! Take a look at that Organic Bamboo Wipes, gentle & safe; Head-to-Toe Wash...who we're kidding. All products are a full set of all Osh & Piper's baby goods. A set we love, you love, and your little one. A touch of our Calming Everyday Lotion, a squeeze of our Ultra Soothing Relief Cream...definitely a little one's dream.

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Suitable for parents that have their little ones at home. Head-to-toe Wash (Bubble Bath), Ultra Soothing Cream, combined with our Calming Everyday Lotion for your little one's cleanliness is a to-go set! With our organic bamboo wipes, this experience just gets better. Natural, Moisturized. 


So, we're clean! Nah uh, have you sanitized your little one's toys, especially the one that is being sucked a lot all the you get it! Wipe, sanitize, wipe, sanitize, wipe, get the picture. Oh, and its completely rinse-free and non-sticky, feel free to use without going to the bathroom all the time.