Osh & Piper is founded by a mother of three. It started off with her eldest son having very sensitive skin. She had tried numerous skin care products even natural ones, and most of them had made his skin worst. With her constant self-experiment and knowledge on organic and natural ingredients, she had found a way to cleanse and reduce his irritant skin. Besides, we are also moving towards a greener movement to ensure our Mother Earth is well-protected. Today, we have decided to take a leap to venture into commercially developing organic and natural personal care products.

Yes! We’ve got a mama-scientist with us.

Our Mission – Keeping your kids healthy and having mummies to be worry free is our utmost priority. We carefully source and select ingredients that are toxic-free to make sure our products are gentle and safe to use.


Also, being very close to Mother Nature – formulating organic and natural products for your loved ones. We have always believed in providing the best possible product experience. It is our goal for all of our products to be produced under the highest standards of quality, using ethical sourcing practices and sustainable resources. We make sure our ingredients sourced and used are of best practices.

Our ethos – We believe that honesty in our products and the delivery of our promises will bring us to greater miles.