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Ultra Soothing Relief Cream

A fast acting formulated relief cream that instantly forms a protective layer to soothe skin with intensive moisturizing and skin restoration. Instant relief for redness and irritated skin. Best use as nappy cream, stings, bites, itches and any form of irritated skin.

Key Benefits:
Quick absorption formula
Intense conditioning for any form of irritated skin
Alleviates super dry skin and relieves discomfort

Main Ingredients:
Organic Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder
Organic Shea Butter
Natural Avena SAtiva (Oat) Kernel Extract
Allantoin (derived from natural plant-based origins)
Niacinamide (derived from natural plant-based origins)
Natural Bergamot Fruit Oil

Suitable for: All ages including newborn
All skin types including sensitive skins